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#1 Time Head Lice Solution Revolutionary “One and Done” Technology

HDM mineral is our magic component that is combined at the time of manufacture within a proprietary waterless coconut based conditioner. The high pH alkalinity of the finished product immediately dehydrates lice including their eggs – but is also safe for humans and the environment. HDM mineral uses “Hydrogen Ions” which are positively charged atoms of hydrogen. Their use creates an extremely elevated pH level. This is harmless to skeletal creatures like humans, dogs, cats, etc. However, it is harmful to exoskeletal creatures such as crabs, lobster, lice, ants, fleas, grasshoppers and cockroaches. Although HDM mineral packs a meaner punch than the bygone chemicals, it can also be eaten. HDM mineral is a green, all natural and safe product which is even used today as a baby food preservative. Current treatment using pesticides and enzyme-based shampoos require multiple treatments and are not 100% effective because they do not kill lice eggs. Over the years, head lice have acquired resistance to current compounds.

While they may be partially effective in destroying adults they have little effect on their eggs which become adults – thus recycling the problem.

We also sell highly effective and all-natural preventative and home cleaning products that your technician will review with you during their visit.

Our Guarantee:

We strive for 100% satisfaction with each and every one of our cutomers. We value our customers, and always attempt to go above and beyond to make sure your visit with Lice Authority is excellent.

Our service comes with a 30-day guarantee if the following conditions are met: All members of the household are checked (and treated if necessary) during the time of our visit and all of our environmental cleaning and preventative instructions are followed. No monetary refunds provided, if needed in the 30 day time period, re-treatment will be provided at no cost.

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