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We are the in-home lice removal experts! We are a local company, founded in Gainesville, Florida. We have certified lice removal technicians throughout the North Central Florida and Jacksonville / St. Augustine area. Check us out in the Gainesville Sun!

We offer expertise using all natural products, our motto is “One and Done!”. Head lice will be completely eliminated with one treatment, with a 30-day guarantee. We are committed to excellence! We understand when we walk into your home, families are often stressed and anxious due to head lice. We truly find our work very rewarding and enjoy meeting, getting to know and helping our clients.

All Lice Authority employees have undergone training to become Certified Lice Removal Technicians.

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We make house calls in Gainesville, Ocala, Lake City, Jacksonville, St. Augustine and most surrounding cities in North Central Florida and North Florida areas.

Call (352) 577-5702 in Alachua County or (904) 370-3107 in Jacksonville / St. Augustine to speak with a Lice Authority Technician 
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Join us every Wednesday evening by appointment only; from 6:00pm to 8:00pm. Sign up and reserve your spot for our next screening. Confirmation will be texted to you to confirm your appointment time (full treatments also available during clinic hours).

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Jamie Primosch M.P.H, PA-C

Owner / Lead Technician

Jamie is a Physician Assistant with a background and master’s degree in public health. She grew up in the Gainesville area, and has worked as a Physician assistant in Pediatrics, Family Practice, and currently practices as an ER Physician Assistant in the Gainesville area. She started here love (or hate) of lice once she became a mom. She started volunteering to do lice checks at her children’s school, the next thing she knew, affected children’s panicking parents were coming to her for their checks and help with comb outs and treatments, especially mom’s! Thus, she naturally fell into the lice business.

Jamie served in the Peace Corps in Jamaica and did her public health research in Africa, and had a knowledge base that there were many different ways to treat lice throughout the world. She started researching more natural ways to treat lice, without all the chemical and pesticides, and she particularly became concerned about the public health issue when research began to come out that lice was becoming resistant to the conventional pesticides and chemicals. This lead to her finding a new mineral product that was developed out of Canada that has shown an extremely high success rate as well as being all natural product and an environmentally friendly company.

We’re hiring local technicians in the Gainesville,
Lake City, Ocala and St. Augustine areas

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